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Kathy Miller

Kids Boost Immunity
Educational Curriculum Specialist
I'm a curriculum specialist and an experienced teacher. Kids Boost Immunity (KBI) appealed to me because pairing science and global citizenship sounded like a great idea. The game format is engaging and kids really like earning vaccines for other children. KBI can be used by grade 5-9 teachers as there are a number of useful teaching strategies and curricular connections. There's a model teachers can use with students to evaluate online information. Also, there are social studies lessons to make this an integrated learning opportunity if teachers want. In Alberta, students get vaccinated in grade 5 and grade 9, so KBI’s lessons on specific vaccines are very relevant for them. When the KBI lessons were co-developed by health and education teams we decided what information is important for students to learn and how we can make lessons work in classrooms with broad learning needs and styles. As a middle and high school teacher, I've had to teach health related lessons and know how useful it is to have quality lessons that are easy to present to a class. So we made the lessons self-explanatory and assessment is done for you (answering quiz questions is how students earn vaccines). Before I could confidently recommend KBI lessons to teachers I evaluated the videos and information sources to make sure they are current, relevant, accurate, created by authorized professionals, and are provided free and for education purposes only (so no profit motive). So, I can honestly say that teachers can confidently use KBI lessons without worrying about misinformation. KBI is timely because in some places vaccine rates are dropping and diseases are at risk of coming back. One example is the case of measles outbreak that happened in BC in 2014, and measles is presently an issue in Europe with over 40,000 cases reported. This is mainly due to online articles that are confusing people, so KBI helps balance that. Presently there is a French version of KBI being developed this will be available next year. These are all reasons that I’m excited to be able to share KBI with all interested grade 5-9 teachers. So I really hope to see as many teachers as possible at the KBI presentation, Saturday Oct. 20, room 'Top of the Inn' 9-10 am.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, October 20

9:00am PDT